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Notary Public

The office of Notary Public is the oldest legal profession in the UK. The Notary Public's main role is in the notarisation, certification or authentication of documents and/or signatures for use in the UK or abroad.

The role of a Notary Public may be slightly different in other countries but a Notary Public in the UK may deal with:

  • Adoption documents
  • Affidavits
  • Apostille or other legislation from a consultate
  • Authentication of documentation needed for immigration, emigration application for marriage abroad
  • Authentication of documentation for applications to marry abroad
  • Authentication of documentation for applications to work abroad
  • Certify copies of Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Death Certificates
  • Certify Passport copies
  • Company documentation certification
  • Documentation for the administration of the estates of people who lived abroad or who owned property abroad
  • Notarial Certificates
  • Power of Attorney (usually required by people in the UK to sell property abroad, buy property abroad or inherit property abroad)
  • Sale or Purchase of Land or property abroad
  • Shipping Protests
  • Statutory Declarations

There are now less than 1,000 Notaries in the UK with only two Notaries in Chesterfield and very few Notaries in Derbyshire, so it may not be easy to find a Notary Public.

Rod Shiers at BRM Solicitors has practised as a Notary Public in the UK for 22 years and is a member of the Notaries Society. As an experienced Notary Public, he is able to deal with most matters where a Notary may be required by you or your company.

If you need the services of a Notary Public, telephone:

Rod Shiers: 01246 564002

You may also contact Rod by email via our online contact form.

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