Covid-19 Advice For Employers

Fixed-Fee employment advice to help you through the Covid 19 crisis, including furloughing employees and other changes to employment contracts

In response to the Government’s introducing its Coronavirus (Covid-19) Job Retention Scheme, our Employment Law Team are providing a fixed-fee package to help guide you through the process of furloughing staff, or making other temporary changes to working arrangements.

It is important any changes are carried out in accordance with the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme rules, and relevant employment law so that you qualify for payment, and ensure that there is limited risk of any sort of claims in the future, particularly for breach of contracts or unlawful deductions from wages.

For £400 + VAT, our fixed-fee package includes the following:

  • 1 hour of telephone or email advice on furloughing, recruitment/retention, or temporary changes to      working arrangements.
  • Template correspondence for staff, including a letter for staff to sign confirming the furlough terms;
  • Draft template script covering what to say to staff to approach the topic

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