Debt Collection

Recover debts owed to your business from just £5 + VAT

We know how frustrating it is when your business is owed money; whether it be an outstanding payment from a customer or refund from a supplier.

Our debt collection team can help you recover outstanding payments and advise what court proceedings (if needed) should be used to try and recover debts quickly.

How to recover a debt

Send us details of the debt with our simple form.

Within one working day of receiving your instructions, we will send a "7 day letter before action" to the debtor.

The cost of this is just £5 + VAT.

Many recipients of our "7 day letter" settle their debt immediately.

What happens if they still do not pay?

If the debt is undefended, we offer a fixed fee service for issuing court proceedings and obtaining judgment. These fees are equivalent (save VAT) to the fixed amount the Court allows you to claim back from the debtor.

Unlike many debt collection agencies, we do not take any success fees from any money recovered.

Recover a debt now