As you will no doubt be aware, HS2 is the name for the high speed railway network project which received the go-ahead from the Department for Transport back in January 2012.

There are various planned Phases to the development of the line, which ultimately intend to link London, Birmingham, the East Midlands, Leeds and Manchester.

What does HS2 mean for property and land owners?

The HS2 route and construction of the railway infrastructure could cause problems for businesses and residents along the HS2 route.

Those living or running a business near the HS2 route will also have to contend with years of air pollution, increased noise, and increased traffic whilst the project is under construction.

How BRM Solicitors can help those affected by HS2

If you think you may be affected by HS2 it is important that you seek legal advice to see what, if anything, you can do. Our expert lawyers have significant experience in dealing with matters of this nature.

We can assist you in ensuring that you receive the maximum amount of compensation possible in relation to the following:

  1. Express Purchase Scheme
  2. Exceptional Hardship Scheme
  3. Need to Sell Scheme
  4. Cash Offer or Voluntary Purchase Scheme and advice on a Settlement Deed
  5. Homeowner Payment Scheme
  6. Rent Back