Landlord and Tenant Law

How we can help you comply with the law and make more profit

When you are managing a real estate portfolio of any size, getting the best legal advice is essential to maximize cash-flow and profitability.

Correctly drafted documentation will reduce the risk of costly problems arising in a tenancy by ensuring both the landlord and tenant’s rights and responsibilities are clear to all parties involved in the tenancy, right from the start.

Should any problems occur during a tenancy, clear, commercially minded legal advice will help reduce or recover any financial loss.

Tenancy Agreements (residential property)

As the contract between tenant and landlord, a tenancy agreement sets out the rights and responsibilities of the parties involved.

Our lawyers can advise on the tenancy agreement and draft bespoke agreements for you, ensuring that the right type of agreement is used, that it covers all relevant aspects of the tenancy and that it is relevant to the property and circumstances.

We also advise on obligations under the Tenancy Deposit Regulations.

Lease Preparation (commercial property)

We can draft lease terms that are tailored to your specific needs as well as negotiate terms with the tenant’s solicitors.

Additional documentation may also be drafted at the same time, such as deposit deeds or licence for alterations.

Possession Notices / Forfeiture (commercial property)

If you need to regain possession of a property, we can draft possession notices as well as advise on and carry out all steps to forfeit (terminate) the lease.

Rent and other Payment Enforcement (residential and commercial property)

An unfortunate aspect of property management is that a tenant may not pay their rent or other sums such as insurance or service charges.

We can help you take action against a tenant to recover arrears in the most cost effective way.

We will consider the most suitable method of enforcement, such as recovery by certified Bailiff (Distraint) in respect of commercial properties, or where appropriate, issuing Court proceedings against a tenant.