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About Cookies

BRM’s website and news blog like most other websites on the internet make use of “cookies”. These are small text files stored on your computer containing data. While the actual data in the cookies and how it is used can vary greatly between websites, cookies created when you use our website are mainly used by your internet browser to help improve user experience, monitor use of our websites and enable correct function of our websites.

How BRM use Cookies

BRM Solicitors do not directly access information stored by cookies and we only make use of anonymised usage data to carry out tasks described in “About Cookies”. Some functionality on our website is provided using tools and services provided by Third Parties which create cookies on your computer when you visit our website. Those Third Parties will have their own policies regarding how they use cookies and the data stored in them.

Controlling or Disabling Cookies

Most modern internet browsers let you control the creation and use of cookies and you may be able to disable or limit any cookies you do not want using browser settings. You should refer to the provider of your internet browser for further information on how to do this.

Information on cookies and browser privacy features can often be found in the browser’s help file which is usually accessible by pressing the “F1” key while your internet browser is open.

The Cookies used by our website and services/tools included on our website

Below is information on the cookies that may be created on your computer when you visit our website, with links to relevant resources containing further information about specific cookies and policies of any Third Party Providers.

Some of the cookies used by our website will expire after you leave our website (for example PHPSESSID) however, others will expire after varying periods of up to 10 years (For example the cookie relating to our Met Office Weather reporting module). Many internet browsers can provide information on when specific cookies will expire and/or information may also be available from the Third Parties who set the cookies.

Our website and news blog make use of the following cookies:

CookieNamePurposeMore information available at:
Google Analytics _utma


Cookies for Google Analytics collect information about how visitors use our website to help us improve our services and user experience at our website. Information collected by these cookies is anonymous and examples of data collected include the pages visited, how a visitor entered our website (e.g. by typing the address or via a link) or the web browser visitors are using.
PHP Session ID PHPSESSID Many of our website’s functions rely on a scripting language called PHP. This cookie is required for correct operation of the website.  

To enhance your experience of our website and aid the sharing of information to and from our website, we make use of a number of third-party software tools including social media sharing buttons, social media feeds, embedded video, maps and information tools. The suppliers for these services and tools set their own cookies, which we have little or no control over. Most cookies are placed to assist with functionality and for us and/or the Third Party to monitor how their product is used.

While our website does not host any Third Party advertising and BRM Solicitors do not use data in cookies to collect information about you in order to advertise our services to you, the Third party providers of tools and services may use cookies to help serve and control and monitor effectiveness of advertising shown to you on other websites.

Cookies created by Third Party services used on our website include:  

CookieNamePurposeMore information available at:


This is one of the services we use to provide social media sharing functionality. These cookies provide analytical information about where and how often our content is shared using Addthis. They also allow Addthis to customize their buttons to your useage patterns. Addthis cookies also generate data for Addthis to provide you advertising across the internet more relevant to you - You can opt out from your information being used by Addthis in this way at the following link



This is a cookie created by the AddThis social media sharing plugin. Affectv is a social analytics company that helps brands and companies to understand the users that visit their webpages.


This is another cookie created by the AddThis plugin to assist with their user analytics and advertising performance management.


This is another cookie created by the AddThis plugin to assist with their user analytics and advertising performance management.


Our website includes a live feed from BRM’s Twitter account. This feed creates cookies and stores them on your computer.
VISITOR_INFO1_  This is a Cookie set when you view any embedded Youtube videos within our website.

Google Maps


Our website (for example on the Contact page) displays an embedded Google Map. This service sets cookies on your computer to improve user experience and quality of services including tailoring advertising.


Our website allows visitors to share information through their own Linkedin business networking accounts and cookies are created by Linkedin when you share information from our site, for example on our news blog.

Met Office


The Chesterfield Webcam page on our site includes an embedded local weather report using a small piece of software provided by the Met Office. This software creates cookies on your computer.


ACOOKIE This cookie is used by the Met Office weather reporting module on the Chesterfield Webcam as part of their own analytics, provided by a company called Webtrends.

Please be aware that if you disable or block certain cookies on our website, some functions may not work correctly or at all.