Free Will Months

For many years, BRM Solicitors have supported several good causes through free will months or other free will schemes.

It is essential that everyone makes a will to ensure that money and possessions go exactly where you want them to. This is particularly important if you are not married or have few relatives.

Our free will months are a great way for us to promote the importance of making a will. They provide the opportunity to do this with a qualified solicitor, at the same time as supporting local charities.

How a free will month works

During the promotional month BRM will not charge any fees for making a will.

In return for doing this, we suggest that a voluntary donation is made to the chosen charity.

This is usually around £75 for a simple single will. The suggested minimum donation may vary for a couple or complex wills.

Charities supported by free wills

  • Ashgate Hospice
  • Duke's Barn
  • Helen's Trust
  • Macmillan
  • National Free Wills Service
  • Will Aid

Current free wills months

During September - October 2018 we are supporting Macmillan, to help raise £1Million to fund new Macmillan services at Chesterfield Royal.

Find out more: Macmillan Free Wills Service