Care Home Fees

Paying for care and nursing home costs

Sadly, as we grow older our physical and mental health can also deteriorate. These problems can be complex and difficult to cope with at home, so specialised, professional care in a care home is the best solution.

Unfortunately, residential care homes and nursing home are expensive. There have been many situations where elderly and infirm person has lost their house and savings, amassed through a lifetime of hard work, to pay for care home fees.

NHS funding for care homes

If the main reasons for living in a care home are due to medical needs, some or all of the costs may be payable by the NHS Primary Care Trust. The trouble is, most people do not know what steps to take to ensure that they get their entitlement to NHS funding.

BRM can advise you how to go about it. We dedicated to helping people in this field.

Reclaiming care home fees already paid

Many people have paid for care home fees when they shouldn't have. BRM's dispute resolution team are helping many care home and nursing home residents and their relatives (even if the person has died) to find out if they have wrongly paid care home fees and are assisting them to recover often substantial sums of money, without risk.