Industrial Deafness

Claim Compensation For Hearing Loss Caused by Noise at Work

  • Do you suffer from hearing loss?
  • Have you worked in a noisy environment after 1963?

If so, it is a possibility that you may be suffering with hearing loss caused by exposure to excessive noise. You are not alone.

The Health and Safety Executive report that over 1 million British workers are exposed to noise that could cause damage to their hearing.

For many years now, you employer has had a responsibility to minimise the noise their employees are exposed to. Where the actual noise cannot be reduced, your employer should have provided you with adequate hearing protection.

Types of jobs which may have exposed you to dangerous noise levels

We have a great deal of experience in handling industrial deafness claims and the typical jobs and industries which have caused our clients’ deafness are:

  • Mining, including underground coal mining and open cast mining
    (jigger picks, conveyors and mechanical coal and rock cutters)
  • Steel working
    (hammering and machine noise)
  • Building and Construction
    (noise from plant, power tools and hand tools can cause hearing damage)
  • Textile production
    (noise from industrial-grade sewing machines and weaving machines)
  • Engineering
    (hammers, presses, lathes and other machinery often cause excessive noise)
  • Entertainment

    In addition to the obvious heavy industries, if you work in hospitality and the entertainment industry you are also in danger of developing hearing loss from noise.

    Loud music and ambient noise at nightclubs, pubs and concerts can often be louder than industrial machinery, putting bar staff, security personnel, entertainers and other employees at risk.