Property Transfers

A transfer of property (or transfer of equity) is a type of property transaction where the title on a property is transferred to someone else but one of the original owners of the property will remain on the title.

When transferring property like this or transferring equity, it is not necessary for the same searches to be carried out as when buying property. The work we will need to do on your behalf in a transfer of property will vary depending on if a mortgage currently exists on the property, if the mortgage will remain on the property after title has been transferred or if a new mortgage will be taken out.

Stamp Duty Land tax can also be a factor to take into consideration in a property transfer.

If you are considering transferring property, you need experienced property specialists who can make sure that your property transfer is carried out correctly and without delay.

We have helped many clients over the years transfer property of all types. Our expert property team will carry out all work required when transferring property such as drafting the property transfer deed and any other relevant documents.

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