Disputed Wills and Contentious Probate

More often than not, estates of the deceased are administered with few problems but occasionally, there are reasons for someone to dispute a will, dispute an inheritance or challenge how an estate has been administered.

The grounds for contesting a will or any other type of estate administration or probate dispute vary in each case. Whilst not all solicitors are able to deal with these issues, our contentious probate solicitors can provide you with the right advice.

Types of wills and probate disputes we are often called upon to help resolve include:

  • Family disputes over inheritance
  • Challenging a will believed to be wrong, executed under duress or when not mentally capable.
  • Executors acting improperly and/or incorrect or distribution of an estate
  • Suspicions of fraud in an estate distribution

Whenever possible, we aim to avoid court proceedings and other forms of legal action by mediating between those involved in a dispute. In many instances, disputes arise from a misunderstanding and we will provide advice to help you understand the situation.

If you are beneficiary or an executor, we can help you resolve any contentious probate or disputed will matters.

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