Professional Executors

Why have Professional Executors?

Reducing the burden on family members

By appointing professional Executors in your will, you reduce the burden of responsibility on family members at what is already a stressful time.

Professional Executors have a duty to act independently without personal interest.

You choose who administers your estate

In most cases, and particularly if your estate includes a property, probate solicitors will need to be instructed to deal with the transfer of assets to intended beneficiaries.

By appointing solicitors as Executors yourself, you decide which firm of solicitors will administer your estate, not a member of your family.


If professional Executors are appointed, there will always be someone appointed under your will to administer your estate.

A firm of solicitors will not die before you, as a family member may.

Why BRM Solicitors as Executors?

Our specialist probate Lawyers have many years experience in acting in the administration of estates. We aim to provide a friendly and efficient service taking the pressure off the family at a time when they may feel vulnerable and distracted.

By appointing us to look after your Will and the Wills of your relatives, you will have immediate access to the best of professional advice.

Appoint Professional Executors

Anyone interested in making a will should contact a member of our specialist team to arrange for an appointment either to make a will or discuss BRM's role as Professional Executors further.

Our specialist team has specific knowledge and experience of all aspects of Wills, Probate and Estate planning. We act as Professional Executor for many people in the local area.

We can help to make sure that you understand the complex areas of inheritance tax and capital gains tax so that you can decide how and when to distribute your money and property.

Writing or updating your Will now, whatever your age, will help your relatives to manage your estate more efficiently and will make sure that your money goes where you want it to go.

Contact us for information on appointing BRM Solicitors as professional executors