Will Registration

Register Your Will With Certainty - The National Will Register

Very often when someone dies, it is not always known if they have made a Will. Even if it is known a Will was made, the Will’s location may be unknown to the family and beneficiaries.

A missing Will can cause a lot of stress, wasted time and legal problems for your beneficiaries and loved ones. If your estate is distributed incorrectly due to a lost Will, which is later found, an executor or personal representative may be held personally liable and could have to pay compensation to the beneficiaries.

We can register your Will with the National Will Register so that when it is required, anyone who needs it such as an Executor, Solicitor or Beneficiary can easily find it.

What is Certainty?

This is the only UK Wills Register where Solicitors can record where a will is stored so that families, Executors and Beneficiaries easily trace it when it is required.

How does the register work?

  • We will keep your will safe in our vault but we shall tell the National Will Register that we hold your Will. The Wills Register do not see your will.
  • A certificate will be issued confirming the registration of your will.
  • After a death, people can contact the Certainty Will Register to find out if they hold a will. Certainty will tell us about anyone looking for your will and we shall confirm whether or not any request is legitimate before they provide any information about the will’s location.

Who can register a Will?

BRM Clients With Existing Wills

If you made your will with BRM or a predecessor firm and we are looking after it for you, simply contact us and we can register your will with Certainty.

Making a New Will with BRM

When making a will with us, we can register your Will for you a soon as it is completed.

Non-BRM Clients With Existing Wills

Even if you did not make your will with us, we can help you register your will. If you know who holds your will, you may transfer it to us to be held in our vault and we can then register your will.

Protect your family and beneficiaries by asking us to register your Will today.

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