Land Registry First Registration

Buying any land or property which has not been registered with the Land Registry can complicate a property transaction. It is important that first registration with the Land Registry is carried out properly and quickly to eliminate the possibility of further problems arising.

The need for first registration of land or property can be unexpected and can arise for several reasons but BRM's experience in dealing with Land Registry First Registration mean that our conveyancing department can deal with registration swiftly and correctly.

Compulsory First Registration

If you are transferring un-registered property or land or mortgaging un-registered property or land, you must now register the land or property at the Land Registry. Whether that is selling the property, transferring to a relative for no consideration or the property has transferred to you under a will, it will now need registering. The property or land will be transferred from the old deeds system (which is not map-based) to the newer map-based title registration system (plans are now based on the Ordnance Survey maps). This new system provides that all the information from old deeds is stored electronically and on one title, that is specific to that parcel of land or particular property.

Voluntary Registration

In any other circumstances where it is found that land or property is un-registered (during a property transaction or not) you may voluntarily register the land or property with the Land Registry.

Why Register Land or Property with the Land Registry

  • Your ownership will be recorded on the Land Registry Register of Title and you can easily prove ownership of the land or property. Any future prospective buyers may obtain a copy of the register and title plan from the Land Registry to prove your ownership.
  • The government guarantees registered titles to property and land (providing you are in occupation)
  • As records of your title and ownership are kept in one location at the Land Registry (including all plans associated with the property or land) it is easy to obtain copies of documents when they are needed in a future transactions.
  • Disputes regarding ownership can be resolved more easily than under the old deeds system.
  • Selling or buying un-registered title can be more expensive in terms of legal fees because of the increase in the complexity and time that it takes to review and interpret old deeds.

Cost of First Registration with the Land Registry

The fee for a Land Registry First Registration will vary depending on if there is a mortgage on the land or property and the amount of work required.

The Land Registry also charge their own fee for First Registration, which is dependent on your property value.

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