Selling Leasehold Property

When selling property such as a house or a flat, you need to instruct experienced conveyancers who will give you the best advice.

Our residential property team have many years of experience in helping clients sell property and our friendly and helpful team will help you through the whole process of selling your property, dealing with all legal issues quickly and correctly.

The Process of Selling a Leasehold House With BRM Solicitors

Agreement or Contract

We will draft a contract for selling your house to protect your interests.

Enquiries Before Contract

If any queries are raised by the buyers of your property, we will liaise with you so that we can reply to all of the queries.

Mortgage and Finance

Upon the completion of the process of selling your property, we will redeem any mortgages on your behalf and ensure the estate agent's fees are paid. We will assume that the sale price of the property you are selling will be enough to discharge all mortgages on the property. If this isn't the case, you must tell us immediately.

Completion Statement and Bill

We will send you our bill and completion statement shortly before completion. Cleared funds for all monies owed in the completion statement are required the day before completion. If we have any money on account left over after selling your house, we will send this to you by cheque.

Selling a Flat

When selling a flat, the same process is involved as when you are selling a house. Due to the nature of the leases which usually accompany flats, the buyer's solicitors may have extra questions about the terms of the lease on the flat you are selling so they can properly advise the buyer.

Fees and the work involved